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Pupil Services


Scott Moline

Pupil Services Director
Extension: 1905
Karen Smith

Karen Smith

Pupil Services Admin Assistant
Extension: 1904

What is Pupil Services?

Pupil services programs touch the lives of all children in the Gale-Ettrick-Trempealeau School District. These services include programming for children with disabilities from age 3 through age 21, programs for English Language Learners, mental health supports, social work, health services, 4-year old Kindergarten programming and family engagement.

Pupil Services Personnel

Below is a descriptive summary of some of the key functions/roles within the Pupil Services Department.

  • The Pupil Services Director is responsible for the development, coordination and supervision of special education and pupil services. Responsibilities include the coordination of programming for children with disabilities from age 3 through 21. Other responsibilities include the supervision and coordination of our district’s 4 year old kindergarten program, English Language Learners services, school and community based mental health services, school social workers, school nursing, school psychologists and other pupil services.
  • The School Counselor works to help students develop the skills they need to be successful in school and in life, taking into account students’ strengths and needs. Counselors help pupils become aware of educational and career opportunities available to them. They support student mental health through classroom lessons and short-term individual/small group counseling, as well as referrals to outside supports as appropriate.
  • The School Nurse conducts health screenings, maintains health records and provides health appraisal and emergency care. The nurse assists school staff with health-related items.
  • The School Psychologist serves as a consultant, diagnostician, therapist and coordinator regarding the behavioral and educational management of individual children. The school psychologist has special training to administer and interpret the findings of a variety of individual tests; and works closely with special education staff to ensure student needs are being met.
  • The School Social Worker serves a primary link between the school, a student's home and community agencies. The social worker coordinates parents, teachers, students and community agencies in an effort to help students participate more fully and successfully in the total school program.
  • The EL Teacher is responsible for collaborating with district staff to provide support for K-12 students and their families whose primary language is not English. The EL teacher conducts assessments, does program planning, consultation, and provides direct student support. They are also able to arrange for translation services as needed.

Child Find

Child Find is a service provided to families who live in the G-E-T School District and have children ages 3-4. If you have any concerns about your child’s development, speech, motor skills, social/emotional skills, or entrance into a school setting, the Early Childhood Team can work with you to discuss the supports available to you. Intervening early tends to reduce the need for future specialized services.

While this is not a requirement for entrance into 4K, if you have concerns, there are two ways you can access support:

  1. Make an appointment with the Early Childhood Team to meet your child in the near future.
  2. Attend the District Child Development Day event tentatively scheduled for February 2022. Children will take part in a developmental screening, and get a free vision and hearing screening as well.

If you are interested in either option, contact Lindsey Schubert, Pupil Services Director.